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Our story began in spring 2012 at a small tuxedo shop in Athens, GA, where we became co-workers, and fast friends. We were both students at UGA: Morgan, a fashion merchandising major from Perry, GA, and Kendall, an International Business & Management major and Athens native. People would often call the tux shop to ask if we sold women’s clothing. After answering no to this question numerous times, we began to daydream about starting our own store that does in fact sell women’s clothes. Being college students with part-time jobs, we knew we didn’t have a lot of start up cash to play with for a storefront. That’s when we began to throw around the idea of a mobile boutique. The daydream continued throughout prom season, as we envisioned ourselves free from tuxedos. Still, our idea was just that-an idea.

Two years down the road, our friendship had grown stronger and so had our entrepreneurial drive. We knew that we worked well together, and we were ready to move on from tuxedos and start chasing our dreams. That’s when an opportunity came calling for us that seemed like a sign of fate. We got a lead on a women’s clothing store’s liquidated inventory, and it was too good of a deal to pass up. In a matter of days we decided to turn our daydream into a reality.

So the process began. We picked a name (which wasn’t as easy as it sounds), googled, pinned, and scoured the Internet in search of the perfect retro trailer. Airstreams were the prettiest but, of course, also the priciest. We had a vision of just what we wanted, and didn’t want to settle for second best, so we continued the hunt for a reasonably priced silver bullet. In a matter of weeks, we found it- the Airstream of our dreams, a 1963 Airstream Overlander. She definitely wasn’t perfect, and our family and friends called us crazy when they saw the condition she was in, but we rescued her anyways. Underneath the piles of old dog food and trash, the broken windows, and rotten floors, we could see her amazing potential. We named her Silvia (the silver airstream), and with a little TLC we were going to make her as good as new, if not better, and give our customers a shopping experience they will never forget!





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